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When you’re caring for someone, it’s important to get enough support for yourself. The Carers Information Service Advice Workers are here to help. If you need advice, support or just someone to talk to, contact us.

For more detailed information about getting support, download our Getting Support from Social Care factsheet.

Carer’s Assessments

If you are a carer looking after an adult who appears to have needs for support, you are entitled to have a Carer’s Assessment. A Carer's Assessment looks at your support needs and what you need to look after yourself as a carer. See our Carer's Assessment page for details.

Support for the person you care for

If you care for an adult, you or the person you care for can ask Croydon Adult Social Care for a Needs Assessment to look at the person's support needs (020 8726 6500).

You can be involved in the assessment process with the consent of the person you care for. The assessment should look at the person's needs, regardless of what support you currently provide as a carer.

Try to be honest about the support you provide on a day-to-day basis, and any impact this has on you, during the assessment. Carers are sometimes tempted to say they are coping when they need support, and end up missing out. Remember, it should not be assumed that you as the carer are happy to carry on with things as they are, so be clear about what you are able and willing to do.

Please bear in mind that the assessment process is different for children and young people under 18 - see caring for a child or young person for more information.

Paying for care

If Croydon Council assesses the person you care for as requiring support services, including respite, the person you care for will be financially assessed to determine whether they need to pay for all or part of their care. The financial assessment will assess the person's capital e.g. savings, investments, etc. It will also assess their income including disability-related benefits, though some forms of income will be disregarded.

Contact the Croydon Financial Assessment Team on 020 8760 5768 for more information about financial assessments for adult social care services in Croydon. You can find a list of current charges on Croydon Council's website.

Care plan

After the Needs Assessment, a care plan will be agreed to, explaining what the person’s needs are and how they will be met. As the carer, you are entitled to be involved in the process, as long as the person you care for agrees.

Once the care plan is completed and agreed to, the person you care for should receive a copy. If not, it is important to ask for one, as it can be useful if anything changes in the future.

Personal budgets and direct payments

People with a care plan can choose to receive their personal budget as direct payments. Direct payments are paid directly to the person needed support, or a nominated carer, to arrange and pay for support services, rather than having them provided directly by adult social care. For example, you could use the money to hire a personal assistant to support you. The payments must be spent on meeting your assessed eligible needs.

The Direct Payments Service (020 8726 6000 ext 61925, helps people in the London Borough of Croydon receiving direct payments or who are thinking about using them. See Croydon Council’s website for more details.

Disability Rights UK provides a Personal Budgets Helpline on direct payments and personal budgets. You can contact them on 0300 555 1525 (9.30am -1.30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays) or email

Finding care providers

Some people choose to fund their own care, or choose a care provider using a direct payment. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has a list of registered home care agencies and their inspection reports. The UK Home Care Association (UKHCA) can give you details of home care providers that follow its code of practice.

More information

If you need specific information or advice regarding your caring situation, please contact us. Please be aware that external websites are linked to for information purposes only and the Carers' Information Service is not responsible for their content.

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